Four Seasons


Two sisters run through a marsh Peach flowers blossom Their petals covered the fields One of them, playing hide and seek faltered in a hole and fell down to a cliff Those peach flower became moths And from rose, their colour turned red, like the eyes of the dead sister A moth flew on the shoulder of the living sister, whispering that she came back to Mother Nature She went on, along her own way, but suddently she bowed, cuz she saw a violin covered by dry leaves and wet soil. Suddently, when she played the ancient melody, The moths gathered and wrap her, untill they become one with the girl dressing her with a scarlett mantel Red hair, red eyes, red shoes, red dress, the goddess of strength, revenge and love has born again. So came the time of the crimson butterfly, carrying the soul of her sister, and guide of the lost souls, becoming herself a moth.
THE JOURNEY OF A WRITER It was a hot summer and a young writer decided to take a holiday on the hills to find the insipration for a new story completely unconscious of what lay ahead He took the ferry to get to the cottage , up the hill observing everything around him The sun beating down , the air was dry and heavy, the waters were quiet Dropped off the ferry after seven hours the sun was down and the night falls He walked up the hill and he took a flashlight for light up his way Suddendly he sat down , lit by the light of a lantern He saw in distance a shadow that always advancing more holding an ax He jumped up and starts to run as fast as he can The shadow was advacing faster and faster as if it was supernatural He arrived at the cottage without realizing it , he turned around to see if it was still being chased by the shadow He saw the shadow in front of him and he pointed his flashlight against him and the shadow faded away Barricades himself inside the cottage without keeping in mind that the door was already open
I was walking alone in a forest road on the shore of a river I heard the sound of bells and the croack of the crows it was autumn, the leaves fell and the wind breeze flowed along my skin I sat down on a bridge where below a waterfall of tears flowed the ghosts rise and walk near to me the fog becomes more dense and the cold rain drenched my face as if I were crying joints in proximity of a tree , was the tree of suicides , after the hanging were thrown in the waterfall of tears the sound of the symphony that was in my head recalls my pain and the loneliness in my lifetime passed next to the wrong people the river of tears became my cryes I fell into depression and came to the conclusion of the hanging
SELFHARM Sitting in a corner of the room, tears wet the soil blood dripped from my skin Unlike any other spirit , marginalized , insulted , mocked , beaten. Scream of pain pervaded my heart and i could not do anything to stop this. Walking through this snowy streets you find yourself haunted by those fucking sons of bitches who take you a slap The dirty blood into the soft white snow In a cold winter , for once , would you like that what happens to you every day turns against them. DON'T KILL YOURSELF! WE WILL FIGHT AGAINST DEATH! you have always been considered the different (Be proud) You have always been marginalized (Better alone on my own way that together with a bunch of assholes) Put away the weapons but pulled out the claws , do not be afraid to externalize yourself find the strenght to fight this , you are not alone you are not the only one...3....2...1... We can stop this now! STOP THE SELFHARM


Our new EP album is composed of four songs , the first three songs are based on gender Symphonic Black Metal while the fourth track takes Metalcore sound. The lyrics are thriller stories invented by Omega X and all the music parts and melody were written by Diego and his brother Marco with Omega tips.


released August 9, 2016


all rights reserved



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